“Management of Science and Innovation (MSI) 2”  

/1-semester long elective course/

OBJECTIVE: to provide all interested staff and students of Charles University with unified education in management of science, project management and technology transfer at more advanced level than MSI 2. The focus of MSI 2 is more practical and in depth compared to MSI 1, individual topics are presented by practitioners from relevant industry.

TARGET GROUP: alumni students of MSI 1 level from all faculties of Charles University, (4-th and higher grades Mgr. programs + following Mgr. programs + Ph.D. programs). Academic staff and employees of Charles University are entitled to join the course as a part of lifelong learning. MSI 1 is a highly recommended baseline before attending MSI 2, however all individual applications supported by an explanatory motivation letter will be considered.

CONTENT: the course consists of an open menu of the topics presented to students in more depth compare to MSI-1 (the basic level course). The topics will be presented by “real-life” practitioners with the relevant business/industry background.

  • Advanced IP Management and Licensing, IP Management in Research Collaborations
  • Contractual and collaborative research – case studies and practical approach
  • Practical Approach / Advanced Project Management
  • Advanced: Funding Schemes (Grant Landscape & Funding Structures, Policy Goals and Guidelines, Strategy EU 2030 and beyond), Budget Development, Financial Management and Reporting
  • Bringing Innovation to Market: Case studies A Business Plan Based on R&D Results and IP Capitalisation and Social Innovation
  • Bringing Innovation to Market and Business Development: fovcus on Spin-Offs and  a Business Plan
  • How does a VC investor work
  • Product Design Methods (Services), Social Media and Commercialisation
  • Product Development and Design (Technical Aspects)
  • Medical Devices – design and certification process, cooperation between academic institutions and companies
  • Sustainability and Nature-Based Innovation; Social Innovation (Approaches and Methodologies, Designing and Implementing, Introduction to Human-Centred Innovation Practice)
  • Ethics of Commercialisation
  • New technology transfer system at Charles University - working with Charles University Innovations Prague s.r.o.

MSI 2 can be optionally combined with Management of Science and Innovation (MSI 3) aimed at those MSI 2 students planning to start a science-related business activity. MSI 3 is designed as a virtual incubator with mentoring and coaching scheme for individual participants. A coach with business background will be guiding the student to create a sustainable business plan and introduce him/her to the relevant industry contacts and investors. Interested applicants to MSI 3 should contact CPPT UK – see the contacts here below.

FORM: hybrid: please see the schedule, most of the modules are taught as seminars, some topics will have a form of an interactive webinar. Language of MSI is English.

ENROLLMENT: 2 weeks before the semester starts / individual module attended

CREDITS and BADGES: MSI 2 is not a credited course. Its completion is rewarded by a lifelong learning certificate and electronic badge. There are two options – the students with active participation of at least 10 out of 14 modules will obtain the full lifelong learning certificate of MSI 2 course. The students willing to attend only one or more selected modules will obtain individual lifelong learning certificate for each module where they have actively participated.

ORGANISATION:  Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Charles University (CPPT UK)     www.cppt.cuni.cz

GUARANTOR:     Mgr. et Mgr. Hana Kosová

ORGANIZATION:   Ing. Marie Katakalidisová, marie.katakalidisova@ruk.cuni.cz

   T: +420 224 491 452,

   Bc. Petra Práglová, petra.praglova@ruk.cuni.cz

   T: +420 224 491 255